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Labrador is the distinct, northerly region of the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador. It comprises the mainland portion of the province, separated from the island of Newfoundland by the Strait of Belle Isle. It is the largest and northernmost geographical region in Atlantic Canada. 


A Little About Us

Mabille Labrador Fishing

Mabille Labrador fishing Lodge is unique by its wild nature and remoteness, the scenic beauty of the site with numerous lakes and rivers and by the strong desire to preserve the quality of the resources and the surrounding wilderness. 



The lodge is located on the North Shore of the St-Lawrence river, inland, on the Quebec-Labrador border, 125 miles north of Havre-St-Pierre, Quebec. The lakes and rivers systems extend over thirty square miles (50 km2) of a particularly good and scenic hydro-graphic system. It consists of a dozen major lakes fed by numerous rivers, streams and brooks.




From Bangkok to Mabille, every year, for 9 years in a row....from a bustling Asian city with twelve million people to the most remote and pristine spot in the world where you will guarantee find no one else and no sign of (human!) life. And that in combination with excellent guides, fabulous food and....all the brook trout you can catch. “ Eight pounder anybody???” Heaven

Joost Pekelharing   

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